This is a website that will house public documents, notes, blog, and tools that relate to our electrical energy supplier in the Methow Valley… the Okanogan County Electric Cooperative (OCEC)…

This is just the start… Feel free to browse around…

Ray Peterson

Energy Saving Tips…

This purpose of this section is to provide information relating to saving residential energy use and demand. Of specific interest will be the lowering of peak electrical demand for those served in the Methow Valley by the Okanogan Electrcic Coop.

U.S. Gov Energy Saving Tips Site
Together We Save by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Some Links of Interest For Pacific NW Electrical Energy…

Okanogan County Electric Coop
PNGC Power (OCEC is a member and purchase our power from them)
Bonneville Power
Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Washington PUD Association
Okanogan County PUD
Chelan County PUD
Snohomish County PUD
Ferry County PUD
Benton R.E.A.
Orcas Power & Light Coop
Oregon Trail Electrical Coop
Western Oregon Electric Coop
Glacier Electric Coop (Montana)